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Hi! I'm Tom Atherton.




Contact me:

Mr Tom Atherton

13 Fernbank

Hartwood Park




Tel: 07887928777



The National Sweet Pea Society

The objects of the Society are to disseminate knowledge of Sweet Peas

(Lathyrus odoratus) and other Lathyrus species, to encourage, improve and extend

the cultivation of these flowers by means of scientific trials, the holding of exhibitions

and displays, by publication and other activities


Share the pleasure of Sweet Peas Online

I used to think that ‘online’ meant drying the washing, a ‘web’ was woven by spiders, and the ‘net’ was used to catch fish. How life has changed!Communication is now instant and I want to use this to enable us to share our pleasure of growing sweet peas. If you would please e-mail me some photos of your plants at different stages of development, I will put these online. If any of you are brave enough, you can pose with the sweet peas - I won’t display your full personal details but just first names and local areas (unless requested not to.) Already on the site are photographs of my growing methods and shots of my garden. I realise that some of you (like me!) are not familiar with this new technology but I am sure that you have younger members of your family who would be more than willing to do this for you. Who knows, they may even become interested in sweet peas!

            Email your photos to me for inclusion

                  in our Archive or News pages!


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