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Member's Gardens

Don and Liz Ross have been growing Sweet Peas for their son David and Aletia's wedding that took place on the 4th July,  The floral arrangements were supplemented by some fine blooms from Tom at the last minute.  Most of the beautiful arrangements for the wedding were done by Liz. They have also been keeping busy looking after their donkeys - no shows this year! 


Barrie & Rosec Eckfords experience of gardening in 2020, I need to say, that after planting my peas in March, the world began to change. So after takiing the winter months erecting poles & fencing, then riddling every spade a spit & half down, I ended up with 47 compost bags of root & rubble, including 15 badges of excess sieved soil. We then planted up to mainly 80 perennials. Many of these are probably in the incorrect place, so next spring we'll need to assess what looks better where. 

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